Partnered with the size-inclusive brand to evolve the look, feel, voice, and brand projection, driving increased sales and social engagement.

_ project team

Lynette Cortez: Creative Director
Renée Cerro: Art Director
Tonya Clinton: Art Director
Kristen Male: Art Director

_ services provided

Creative Direction
Executive Consulting
InHouse / Agency Partner

_ collaborators

Coliena Rentmeester, Photographer
Kim Ficaro, Prop Stylist
Guy Merin, Video
Cassie Robinson, Stills

Deconstructing a legacy logo.

Dress shirt, Flash photography, Footwear, Jeans, Shoe, Leg, Sleeve, Knee, Collar, Wood
Facial expression, Flash photography, Hair, Nose, Hairstyle, Eye, Mouth, Eyelash, Jaw, Font
Vision care, Hair, Footwear, Outerwear, Leg, Sleeve, Waist, Sunglasses, Eyewear, Style
Outerwear, Sleeve, Waist, Knee, Thigh, Sportswear, Font
Luggage and bags, Shoulder bag, Handbag
People in nature, Flash photography, Hairstyle, Leg, Light, Thigh, Knee, Happy, Sunlight, Grass

By creating a fashion forward direction and more compelling shopping experience, the brand’s unique, time-tested story could be told with a fresh perspective.

The new tagline plays off the brand legacy in a thought provoking & powerful way.

Casting was key: we brought new faces into the mix that are fashion-forward & approachable.