Campaign supporting a new brand identity and seasonal launch: playful, modern, and relevant.

_ project team

Lynette Cortez: Creative Director
Kristen Male: Art Director

_ services provided

Creative Direction
Executive Consulting
InHouse / Agency Partner

_ collaborators

David Roemer, Photographer
Kim Ficaro, Prop Stylist
Teddy Nelson, Video

People in nature, Flash photography, Plant, Shoulder, Leg, Sunlight, Thigh, Grass, Knee, Happy
Flash photography, Human body, Joint, Arm, Shoulder, Leg, Window, Wood, Waist, Standing
Flash photography, Black hair, Hairstyle, Smile, Leg, Thigh, Entertainment
Human body, Flash photography, Hair, Joint, Shoulder, Leg, Muscle, Fashion, Neck, Thigh
People in nature, Luggage and bags, Flash photography, Jeans, Plant, Shoulder, Sunglasses, Waist, Bag, Grass
Gesture, Entertainment
Flash photography, Joint, Shoe, Shoulder, Leg, Sleeve, Knee, Thigh, Comfort, Waist
People in nature, Woody plant, Branch, Tree, Happy, Grass
People in nature, Flash photography, Woody plant, Smile, Tree, Happy, Grass, Fawn, Leisure
Joint, Lip, Shoulder, Leg, Comfort, Human, Eyewear, Fashion, Textile, Waist
Flash photography, Footwear, Joint, Shoe, Shoulder, Leg, Black, Eyewear, Sleeve, Knee
Window, Neck, Waist, Sleeve, Thigh, Flooring, Gown
Smile, Plant, Shoulder, Waist, Sunlight, Eyewear, Happy, Leisure, Cool, Grass
People in nature, Flash photography, Joint, Shoulder, Leg, Plant, Thigh, Table, Waist, Comfort
People in nature, Flash photography, Hairstyle, Shoulder, Leg, Smile, Thigh, Happy, Grass, Waist
Joint, Jeans, Shoe, Leg, Comfort, Thigh, Wood, Denim, Knee, Cool
Facial expression, Smile, Photograph, Fashion, Gesture, Happy, Tableware, Plant, Leisure

Sexy, carefree and fun, dual location photography resonated in channels throughout North America.

The Fall campaign featured elevated essentials paired with accessories, a new category launch.