Developed a new brand identity for the digital and print lifestyle magazine of Milenio newspapers in Mexico.

_ project team

Lynette Cortez: Creative Director

Tonya Clinton: Art Director

_ services provided

Creative Direction

_ collaborators

Sarah Gore Reeves, Editorial Director/Stylist

Facial expression, Flash photography, Hair, Face, Head, Photograph, Black, Eyelash, Neck, Fashion
Flash photography, Lip, Eyebrow, Eyelash, Gesture, Style, Black-and-white
Flash photography, Human, Sleeve, Standing, Building
Flash photography, Sleeve, Gesture, Waist
Face, Nose, Hair, Cheek, Skin, Head, Lip, Chin, Hairstyle, Eyebrow
Facial expression, Clothing, Hair, Joint, Hairstyle, Shoulder, Arm, Photograph, White, Muscle
One-piece garment, Sleeve, Dress, Toy
Rectangle, Font, Art
Flash photography, Black, Sleeve, Gesture, Font
Forehead, Nose, Chin, Eyebrow, Mouth, Beard, Jaw, Eyelash, Cool
Forehead, Nose, Hair, Cheek, Skin, Head, Lip, Chin, Eyebrow, Hairstyle
Flash photography, Hand, Gesture, Finger, Style, Black-and-white, Beard
Flash photography, Dress shirt, White, Sunglasses, Black, Sleeve, Black-and-white, Style, Collar, Eyewear
Skin, Lip, Hand, Arm, Shoulder, Mouth, Muscle, Eyelash, Organ, Neck
Eye liner, Forehead, Nose, Cheek, Skin, Lip, Chin, Lipstick, Eyebrow, Eyelash
Flash photography, Table, Gesture, Cool
Flash photography, Forehead, Nose, Lip, Chin, Eyebrow, Eye, Eyelash, Mouth, Jaw
People in nature, Flash photography, Shoe, Leg, Sky, Happy
Facial expression, Face, Forehead, Nose, Lip, Chin, Outerwear, Eyebrow, Neck, Sleeve
Sleeve, Gesture, Style, Poster
Fashion design, Black hair, Sleeve, Waist, Gesture, Style, Thigh

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