Valentine’s Day cross-channel product launch for Cacique, Lane Bryant’s lingerie brand.

_ project team

Lynette Cortez: Creative Director
Renée Cerro: Art Director
Tonya Clinton: Art Director
Kristen Male: Art Director

_ services provided

Creative Direction
Executive Consulting
InHouse / Agency Partner

_ collaborators

Coliena Rentmeester, Photographer
Sarah Gore Reeves, Stylist
Rolando Beauchamp, Hair
Laura Stiassni, Makeup
Kim Ficaro, Prop Stylist
Teddy Nelson, Video

Flash photography, Hair, Shoulder, Waist, Knee, Gesture, Thigh, Shorts, Elbow, Swimwear
Flash photography, Fashion design, Black hair, Joint, Shoulder, Smile, Purple, Waist, Thigh
Human body, Hair, Joint, Lip, Hand, Stomach, Hairstyle, Arm, Muscle, Leg
Human body, Clothing, Joint, Shoulder, Shorts, Neck, Fashion, Sleeve, Waist, Textile
Flash photography, Strapless dress, Shoulder, Black, Eyelash, Waist, Black-and-white, Thigh, Style, Chest
Human body, Flash photography, Hair, Flower, Hand, Arm, Plant, Dress, Petal, Waist
Clothing, Joint, Lip, Shoe, Shoulder, Leg, Lipstick, Tie, Thigh, Sleeve
Flash photography, Lingerie top, Hair, Arm, Smile, Waist, Gesture, Thigh, Latex, Style
Flash photography, Hair, Joint, Skin, Lip, Shoulder, Muscle, Eyelash, Fashion, Waist

Valentine’s Day is more than lingerie, it’s embracing a self-love state of mind.

Inspired by all things sexy... lace & florals, black & white, pretty pops of color.